soil’s breath

        within me



behind the eyelids of brightness

going up the path

the eternity smile



an orchard behind a fence

flowering jar of cherries

a sudden tear



you came on from above

pale-pink petals

night rain knocked off



rough drought-cracked soil

sediment on the pebbles

in time of harvest



i am not hungry

your letter has just arrived

vessels are filled



a spring sprout

clearly flirting in rain drops

who plays and sings?



zephyr in love

bitterness on my lips

blows away



early spring sunshine

bare rose twigs bear

scarlet beads



i want that part

of god

hidden in each of us



bitter winter fruit
summer sunshine juice



from our vacuum

looking into the future

geometry comes alive



grey downtown concrete
morning sunshine
breaking through



warm autumn leaves

looking up from the pavement
heart’s sunshine



singing my very note

a tree in fairy blossom

magic at dawn



a cat on the wall

its piercing scrutiny

nothing escapes




rainy morning

cleansing stubborn matter

sacred mechanics



sunny morning

feeding weary matter

sacred mechanics



green green grass of home

nourished cleansed matter

sacred mechanics




a moment goes

gratefully comes the next

our endurance



a pause

you pose

everything falling into place



there is always

one garment more

to be taken off




cannot utter an articulate word

like apes




eternal amendment

amenity and vanity free




that poetry was a separate chapter

a nice music chamber

now it seems there is no way out

was I mistaken?

is poetry life

or life poetry?



when writing live


stops being alive



this body wants

to lie down

this mind

doesn’t want to

this heart

has nothing to do with it



a drunk staggering

goes swearing from left to right

straight like me



bumping into not knowing

crushing into thickly lined walls

no windows no doors



entering my room

and there you are

staring at me mysteriously

but why don’t you

once and for all

come down

off that photograph

on the wall



nobody knows you

even you yourself don’t know

this gem





have been moved around

without a notice


changing places

your suitcase’s ready


why hiding

there’s always a witness

you yourself







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