15 Pairs of Hands for Bruno Schultz

The Polish artist Tadeusz Myslowski, to pay tribute to the Polish writer Bruno Schultz, invited several artists, writers and academics to participate in his multidisciplinary project, a book called “15 Pairs of Hands for Bruno Schultz”.


“Haiku for B.S.” is Zofia Kamila Krzeminska’s contribution.


El artista polaco Tadeusz Myslowski, para rendir homenaje al escritor polaco Bruno Schultz, invitó a varios artistas plásticos, escritores y académicos para participar en su proyecto multidisciplinario, el libro llamado “15 Pairs of Hands for Bruno Schultz”.


“Haiku for B.S.” es una contribución de Zofia Kamila Krzeminska.




Haiku for B.S.


winter vineyards

in ocher flames






dancing on the wall

golden souls




commotion outside

in the morning sunshine

blissful sparrows




winter sky

bare trees’ hands





at dawn still

new moon in the sky

crystal net




orderly sky

in white pleats and gathers

fallow’s bitterness





in greenish rain

a crow is bathing




morning window


white pages




winter sun

at noon, grows in the snow

a sunflower




a creek

hurrying down the hill

crystal music




autumn leaves

lay a loveseat

sleepless night




solitary road

in the poplars’ white trunks

organ music at heart




a cat balancing

on the top of the roof

breeze of joy




countryside silence

the only fly’s piercing song

idle delight

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